The last show in Canada


カナダ最後の演奏はハミルトンという街で行われたサルサフェスティバルにて。トロントの夏はほとんど終わってしまったが最後に激盛り上がり出来て最高だった。今回もハウスオーナーのRodoさんに紹介してもらった演奏だったのだが、彼にはもう何から何まで手助けをしてもらい、広がったこの縁は何よりの宝物だ。MUCHAS GRACIAS!!

In the end it was my last show in Canada. I was very fortunate to play with fantastic musicians. I often felt that I was really in Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia and things like that. Also I would like to express my gratitude to Rodo because he always helped me and my days in Toronto were filled with wonderful memories. I’m going back to Japan but hope to see you all soon!